Kitchen Knife vs. Nail Clippers

December 17, 2019 savvysocial

Kitchen Knife vs. Nail Clippers

This is a photo of me and Carter nine years ago.

One time back then… who am I kidding… every time my little boy would come to me and ask me to take care of his hang nail. So, I, like any normal father, would come back with a kitchen knife. You should have seen how big his eyes got!

Would I have been able to get rid of his hang nail with that kitchen knife? Yes. Would I have taken some of his toe with it? Probably.

The more appropriate tool is obviously using nail clippers, which I pulled out of my back pocket in this circumstance (don’t call CPS!) .

You see, whether I’m parenting, leading a business, coaching an individual or developing a strategy for a client, the challenge is choosing which tool to use in each of these areas.

We need to use different tools with different people. Different situations call for individualized tools. Each business and person is unique and needs an individualized tool and strategy that fits the need. One size-fits-all works for hats… but not for businesses.

The challenge is finding the right tool in the right time with the right strategy.

After all, the goal is helping businesses and people take positive steps forward. And that can be pretty difficult if we’re cutting away toes by using the wrong tool!

We’d love to help you choose the right tool and develop the right strategy for your marketing needs!

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