It’s the Little Things

November 22, 2019
November 22, 2019 savvysocial

It’s the Little Things

The little things never cease to amaze me. It’s easy to think that doing something huge for someone will make them smile. At least for me, I tend to look over the simple, little things that could make someone’s day brighter… like saying thank you to the gas station lady who was in the middle of making the coffee this morning. I really don’t like the coffee.

It’s not Starbucks, Caribou, or even 7-11. But for whatever reason, I said thank you for making coffee. Small. Seemingly insignificant. But to her, it made her smile. Seriously. This works in business and social media. We all focus and want the big moments to turn things around. But what if we focused on the small things day in and day out. Our businesses and our social accounts will make consistent wins.

So if you get the chance, say thank you to the coffee lady… or gracias… or whatever it is in your language know that it really makes a difference.

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